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In 1983 I underwent an operation to repair major damage to my right knee that involved repairs to both menisci as well as reattaching the ligaments that support the knee joint and the tendons of the surrounding muscles with pins.
My leg was in a cast for 6 months with the knee bent at an angel of some 15º to 20º so that the new attachment points could heal and become strong. In rehabilitation afterwards, I was given only strengthening exercises to rebuild the muscles in my leg that had atrophied while in the cast. As a result, I was completely unable to straighten my leg and had constant pain from walking or climbing stairs. My knee would make these terrible “cracking” noises, swell up and fill with fluid. This went on for 19 years until I met Simon Briscoe in 2002.

Simon first concentrated on getting my body back into proper alignment and only then started to work on my “knee problem”. It took just one session for him to be able to release all the muscles involved and straighten my leg out fully. As a result, in the last two years I have had no pain or swelling, still have the ability to straighten my leg out fully and I walk for as much as two hours every day on the beach. I follow the stretching routines that he gave me but I still go to see him every few months to make sure that my muscles are stretched out properly!

Till today, I can still hardly believe that it was possible to relieve this painful and tiring problem so quickly and am surprised that no one else was able to recognize that there was such a straightforward solution. Thank you, Simon!

Margaretha Schinabeck, Palm Beach, Florida

I am a dressage rider and competitor and have used massage for many years as a tool to heal muscle, back, shoulder and neck issues. Working with Simon Briscoe over the past two years has added an entirely new dimension to my body work. Simon combines the skills of a good masseuse with those of a physical therapist approaching the body as a working unit and asking his client to participate in the session by helping to stretch and strengthen the various muscle groups.

This is not just feel-good massage, this is therapeutic massage. After a session with Simon, I feel more balanced, flexible and my strained muscles are on their way to recovery, especially if I follow the course of exercises he gives me at the end of each session. Following those exercises faithfully has made such a difference to correct my issues and to avoid serious pulls or tears, like with the groin muscles that plague serious riders. Additionally, Simon is the most knowledgeable "body work" person with whom I have worked. I always learn from him.

Millie McCoy

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