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 The Concept

The body’s ability to repair and maintain itself under varied, constantly changing circumstances and demands is extraordinary. Our daily lives and activities or a sudden physical trauma, however, can sometimes make it very difficult for it to continue functioning properly without help. My work is one way to help restore the body, in a pain free way, to proper and correct structural balance.

Muscles pull bones, and although we have voluntary control of our movements and actions, many small adjustments are being made all the time. The involuntary control centers in our brain maintain our posture and the “right positioning” of the muscles in our bodies, striving always to maintain integrity and balance. However, either through accident, constant over use or repetition of the same actions, poor body mechanics, bad posture or any combination of these, our body’s muscles get out of balance. Some muscles stay in shortened, over tightened positions while their opposites become overstretched, ischemic and full of pain. The “map” of all muscle positions and movements held in the brain recognizes these changes and instructions are sent out to the muscle groups so that balance can be restored. Because the autonomic system always tries to maintain structural balance, working through the motor cortex of the brain it attempts to reposition other muscles to counter balance these changes so subtly we do not notice them. Eventually, these new muscle positions are recognized as “normal” and the map held in the brain is changed accordingly. This cycle gets repeated until, over time, the body can make no further adjustments and pain finally signals our conscious mind that there is a problem.

Soft tissue injuries, whether caused by trauma, over use or under use can result in long term problems. These range from the minor, such as restricted movement, to major impairment and finally true disability. Pain can be associated with any or all of these stages and is too often ignored. A severe contusion from a fall, for example, will heal but the fibroblasts and collagen fibres sent to the site of injury by the blood stream to aid in repair are not laid down in any coherent pattern designed to align with the movement of the muscles and joints at that point. Rather it is laid down in a completely random way which overtime becomes dysfunctional and restrictive.

Using different manual techniques in a specific, logical order on the muscles groups and joints involved allows me to release the restrictions that are keeping these muscles in their wrong positions and the body out of balance. Once they are released and any scar tissue has been “functionally realigned” so that it can now move without causing pain and discomfort, precise stretching techniques help to return the muscles to their proper resting positions in such a way that the brain takes note and starts to change the “muscle map” back to where it should be. Proper patient homecare protocols help to ensure the brain’s acceptance of the new muscle positions and then strengthening of the weaker, overpowered muscles can begin to ensure long term benefit.