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About Me


My name is Simon Briscoe and I was born in England and raised both there and in Europe. After living in the Cayman Islands for 2 years where I had a very different career, I came to the United States in 1988. For a number of years I continued to work in commerce but in 1997 I was introduced to massage therapy by a friend. Although to her a normal part of life, for me it was a completely new experience and one which transformed my life. I was captivated by how the body functions and began to study the relationships between muscles, bones, body form and function and how misalignments, strains, muscles tears and sprains could so radically effect debilitating changes in people.

As I delved deeper, I became completely absorbed in finding out how to best release muscles that had become dysfunctional through overuse or injury and made the decision to study massage therapy. I wanted to learn how to relieve people’s pain and discomfort and help them regain structural integrity and balance.

Knowing from the outset the direction I wished to go in I sought out those who could best help me. I believe very strongly that when you choose the right direction, people come into your life so that you may continue successfully along that path and soon after graduation I came across James Waslaski’s work. I understood immediately that here was someone who thought like I did. By combining many different techniques from different disciplines in a comprehensive program that allows the causes of people’s pain and discomfort to be addressed rather than just their symptoms, the approach is unique, of minimal discomfort to the client and highly effective. Constantly updating to incorporate the latest theories and most effective techniques, I have continued to study with James over the years, helping him teach both here and abroad, as well as introducing this work to other therapist on my own.

Working with both professionals in the medical field as well as with my private clients, the results I am able to obtain bear witness to the effectiveness of this protocol. Reducing or eliminating pain and discomfort, increasing and restoring range of motion and mobility, being able to help improve peoples lives and sense of wellbeing are its testimonials. To see how I can help you, please contact me to arrange a convenient time to meet for a preliminary assessment.

I look forward to meeting you.